Price Earnings Ratio Stock Value Tracker


Check out our recent post on the Small Investor blog ( to see some simple investments methods that use PE ratios. You can these methods to buy your first stock if you want to get into investing. Even if you are already a seasoned investor, it's worth reading as a refresher.

Thanks to the Small Investor blog. Check out their site for more tips to invest and build wealth and their book here.

The Price Earnings Ratio Stock Value Tracker is the brainchild of a New York based equity analyst and a New York based app developer. For more information, media inquires or any other requests please e-mail us.


“This app is so easy to use. It cuts out a lot of the noise that I hear from the usual financial press. The color coded dashboard makes it easy to know which stocks to buy and sell.”

— Customer Review
“I am interested in investing in the long term, but don't have time to do fundamental research all day. The P/E ratio Stock Value Tracker helps me see where the value is in large market cap stocks.”

— Customer Review
“I end up refreshing 100 times a day.”

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